I have a passion to serve others and a desire to be a representative voice for the people in standing up for their ideas and concerns. My PHD, DBA, and MBA education has given me the knowledge and skills to analyze the many issues that come before me. My unique strengths center on the analytical, investigative, and presentation skills I have acquired, first as a banker and financial planner, and then as a fraud Investigator with the United Nations .I understand and know what is best for our local and large businesses as a result of 25 years in the business world.

I have served on various international boards, committees and councils. From my experience, I have learned how to listen, to respond and to act in response to the concerns of the residents of Iowa. I hope to bring my years of business experience and straightforward mindset to State’s Senate.

Our State has room for improvement when it comes to business regulations. I have had to face these hurdles head on, and as such, I know how to eliminate and improve them. I’m from very fast growing community in Iowa(Sudanese community), as a minority member, I’m very confident of winning the race for district 37, with my Sudanese community behind me and all who is believe on me from the minorities group. So, as a democratic party member, I’m looking for your endorsement and support